Welcome to Our African Safaris Network website. We are an independent group of travel consultants who are in love with the wildlife and the people of Africa. Our website belongs to the “African Travel Consultants Group” which runs and operates many travel and safari websites and blogs. We are obsessed with maintaining high standards of customer service and being competitive when it comes to our rates.

With over 25 years of travel & African safari experience, you are guaranteed that your African dream holiday will be crafted and planned to last detail. We don’t leave anything to chance, we plan your holiday as we would plan our own once in a life time African holiday. We consider your African safari holiday as an investment which we take seriously; therefore you can expect lots of questions from our side in order to help you plan an unforgettable safari holiday.

African Safaris Network not only will provide you with free, honest & expert travel advice, but we will ensure that our rates are real value for money.  As our guest, we will do our best to give you an unrivaled experience while planning your African holiday and during your holiday. We will do everything in our power to take away the stress of planning your African safari holiday and we will make sure that when you eventually arrive, you can just attend to your business of creating memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

We are fully insured against supplier default and we are contracted to all hotels, safari lodges, airlines and all suppliers on the African continent. We provide full service including international and local flights for your convenience.

We do not charge any fees for our advice, so you are most welcome to send us all your questions and concerns.  We are confident that you will save when booking with us compared to other agents and accommodation websites.

We will show you Africa the way you always dreamt it and more.

“No Two Journeys Are The Same, Even If The Destination is One”

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